Entries by Alice Pien, MD & Asher Milgrom, PhD


Treating Long COVID Neurological Symptoms with Methylene Blue

 As the cases of Long COVID continue to increase, it is important for the medical community to begin focusing on long-term therapeutic strategies that target the chronic ischemic and inflammatory environment seen in the brains of those infected or previously infected by COVID-19. One of the pharmacological agents that the medical community is starting […]


Understanding & Treating Spike Protein-Induced Diseases

In FLCCC’s inaugural Educational Conference, Dr. Paul Marik, Chief Scientific Officer, and Dr. Pierre Kory, Chief Medical Officer, brought together 14 of the top experts in the field of pathology, evaluation, and treatment of spike protein-induced diseases. Stream the lectures and download the slide presentations to get exclusive access to all the facts, data, and references. Lecture […]