Regenerative Medicine

Where in protocols are designed to work in collaboration with the patients physiology

We look forward to earning your trust and partnering with you in living long, strong and healthy.

We believe that the roadmap for health exists within the engineering of our physiological systems.

We are holistic in our approach, focused on getting to the root cause of a condition in order to treat it at the source, rather than treating surface or symptomatic conditions, which usually offer only temporary solutions.

Our unique approach involves the stimulation of the physiological processes naturally existing in our body. Degenerating joints, failing organs, exhausted glands, frazzled nerves, declining memory and mental acuity, can be brought back into a state of health and vitality.

May you experience Divine Purpose in your life, and may you consciously manifest It with effortless perfection.

Why AMA Regen Med?

Our focus is the physiological transformation of your organ systems.

Regenerative Medicine

A transformational shift in how medicine should be practiced.

Founders Bios

Alice Pien, MD & Asher Milgrom, PhD

Optimal Health

To support and amplify the body’s own potential to heal itself.

Our Philosophy

Our medical philosophy emanates from an astonished appreciation for the sheer genius and wonder of human physiology.

The regenerative capacity of every tissue and organ is a wellspring of potential that can be tapped, stimulated, harnessed and directed to
revitalize organs and return them to
youthful and healthy functionality.

We recognize God’s unfathomable design in human physiology and we acknowledge our sacred privilege to engage with people on this sacred, miraculous platform.

We have no words to adequately express our gratitude as we strive to Honor God in everything we do.

Depth Of Our Treatment

At AMA Regen Med, we dive deep into the marvels of human physiology to offer treatments that are as profound as they are transformative. Our approach is grounded in a holistic philosophy that not only seeks to heal the body but to revitalize it at its core. We harness the body's own regenerative capabilities to treat degenerating joints, failing organs, and other signs of aging, restoring them to their youthful functionality. With every procedure, we aim to honor the intricate design bestowed upon us, using our deep understanding of the body's natural systems to treat at the source, not just the symptoms. Join us on a journey back to optimal health, guided by respect for the divine intricacies of human life.

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Our Sacred Privilege is to be Part of Our Patient’s Healing