Articles on the Science & Treatment of Long COVID

Whether virus induced or vaccine induced, it is possible to heal from Long COVID.

The Spike Protein is the Most Toxic Thing on Earth

The COVID spike protein has 4 primary pathogenic mechanisms (discovery is ongoing), regardless if it originated from a natural COVID infection or was generated by a vaccine.

  1. As readers are likely to see, the philosophy and methodology of IRM medicine (Integrative, Regenerative & Metabolic) weaves it way into the tapestry of almost every protocol we have developed in order to produce the best possible clinical outcomes. The focus is ALWAYS what is happening at the physiological level of the dysfunctional organ, its tissues, going deeper its cells, going even deeper the “organelles inside the cells…. all the way down to the electrons from which the cells ultimately derive their energy.
  2. Ischemic damage means that blood flow to that specific tissue or organ is diminished. Simply stated, that organ is suffocating! It takes a few days or even weeks to effectively eliminate a patient’s inflammatory state… so what can you do RIGHT NOW to save those organs from ischemic damage? Hyperbaric oxygen treatment… saturates every tissue and organ, down to every cell with fresh pure oxygen, RIGHT NOW. Because of the pressure in the chamber, oxygen saturation happens INDEPENDENTLY of the blood flow! The results are spectacular. What else works?… High Dose Ozone Therapy, which delivers extra oxygen to into the blood, but the oxygen isn’t the regular O2,,, is O3!!! which has extra electrons that are super eager to jump into your cells and donate themselves to mitochondria that are then become super stimulated to make extra ATP, which is the most essential “fuel” for every biochemical reaction in your body!! And these are just two of a growing spectrum of modalities, protocols and technologies that can powerfully assist your body to overcome Covid, and regenerate the tissues and organs that it damaged!
  3. The spike protein is a prion that disrupts heme complexes like hemoglobin in RBCs and cytochrome complexes in mitochondria.
  4. Spike protein binds to the blood coagulation factor fibrinogen, causing structurally abnormal blood clots with increased pro-inflammatory activity, disrupting blood flow and perfusion to organs throughout the patient’s body (see dialyzer lab analysis, which identifies clots but not spike proteins).

200+ Different Symptoms are Caused by Long COVID

REMEMBER: COVID is documented to produce as many as 200 symptoms caused by mitochondrial dysfunction and by systemic vascular inflammation and abnormal blood clotting that can induce ischemic damage to virtually every organ system in our bodies.

Lyme disease is one of the world’s most rapidly spreading and difficult-to-treat diseases. Borrelia burgdorferi, a spirochete bacteria, causes it. Because this disease is so complex, there are several debates over how to treat it.

Lyme disease has the ability to affect all of our organ systems. The symptoms of Lyme disease overlap with those of many other diseases, and the disease’s presentation changes as it progresses through its stages. Even experts struggle to comprehend its complexities.

The Doctor-Patient Relationship is Sacred

Medicine is an art form. It necessitates the freedom for doctors to practice and establish the most therapeutically successful regimens, tailored to each patient.
It must be shielded from the intrusion of government officials, big pharma, insurance firms, and all their lawyers. All are actively working to make the use of stem cells illegal in the United States. That is why Americans are spending billions of dollars in other countries to acquire these life-saving procedures.
The doctor and patient are no longer present in the conversation due to the gorillas. The sacrosanct relationship between doctor and patient has been violated, trampled on, and ground down.

The voice of both patient and doctor who “just want to get well” has risen from the irritation and turmoil of traditional western medicine. Simply put, “outcome” or “evidenced” medicine.

Unlike invasive modalities, the goal of Integrative, Regenerative Medicine is to restore the physiological and functional vitality of organ systems by working holistically with the natural mechanisms inherent in the purposeful design of human physiology.