Alice S. Pien, MD – Medical Director

AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare

Alice Pien, MD – Medical Director of AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare

Dr. Pien obtained her medical degree from SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine after earning a Cum Laude in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Buffalo University’s School of Pharmacy.

She worked as the clinical director of the emergency department in pediatric trauma at Western Medical Center after completing her residency at UCI Medical Center. For eight years, she actively participated in the training of residents in pediatric emergency care at WMC. She thereafter worked in private practice in Orange County, California, for five years.

Healing Philosophy

The best of allopathic teaching and technology are combined with holistic and alternative modalities in Dr. Pien’s medical practice. The greatest treatments for patients should be sought out and mastered, according to her, regardless of how they are classified, including medications, herbs, homeopathy, vitamins, supplements, energy medicine, and mind-body healing.

Credentials Summary

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

In 1998, she started studying complementary and alternative medicine. She began her education in mind-body medicine and later completed certification programs in past-life regression and hypnotherapy with famous physician Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters. Dr. Weiss’ second book, “Through Time into Healing,” which suggests that illnesses in the present can be linked to memories from the past, had a significant impact on Dr. Pien.

Later, at the UCLA Helms Institute, she completed her studies and earned her certification in medical acupuncture. She is now board certified in integrative holistic medicine.

American Medical Aesthetics

Dr. Pien is the Medical Director of American Medical Aesthetics & Wellness Inc. (AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare), which she co-founded with he husband, Dr. Asher Milgrom, in 1999.

Dr. Pien and Dr. Milgrom pioneered the use of lasers as a “Energy Medicine”, using them to holistically induce physiological changes in the skin that effectively reverse its aging process.

Together they have created comprehensive protocols using a holistic and physiological approach to enhancing the inner health and outer beauty of aging skin using rigorous empirical science, numerous technical modalities, and comprehensive protocols.

A complete journey into wellbeing, from skin deep to mind/spirit rejuvenation, is offered by AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare. This includes treatments using more than 25 different lasers, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, integrative and regenerative medicine, and physiological regulating medicine.
Dr. Pien in our main laser OR using a PICO laser on a patient.

Giving Back to World

Dr. Pien providing medical care to disadvantaged children on a medical mission to Vietnam.

Dr. Pien has donated her time and skills with groups that offer healthcare in underdeveloped nations. She has volunteered in Granada to assess kids for serious medical conditions requiring surgical procedures. She would stabilize the children prior to the arrival of a multi-specialty surgical team.

More recent trips to India, Armenia, and Vietnam have been with Arpan Global Charities.

She actively participates in the Flying Samaritans with her pilot husband Asher Milgrom, flying down to isolated settlements in Mexico to deliver medical aid.

Dr. Pien and her daughter Chyelle worked as volunteers with Arpan Global Charities last year to deliver healthcare to underprivileged populations in Cambodia and Vietnam.

Continuing Medical Education

  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine – CME – Botulinum Toxin & Facial Shaping.
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine – CME – Lip Augmentation & Perioral Contouring.
  • Current advancements in Family Medicine  – CME – Audio Digest.
  • American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery – Fellow – CME & Annual convention.
  • Masters of Aesthetics CME – aesthetic techniques, new treatment with lasers, multi-modality treatments.
  • Center for Advanced Medical Education – Soft Tissue Augmentation.
  • Center for Advanced Medical Education – Facial Contouring & Nipple Reconstruction.
  • UC Irvine School of Medicine – CME – Medical update course in Family Medicine.
  • Harvard Medical School – CME – Currency in Primary Care.
  • NetCE CME – Herbal Medications / Evidence Based Review.
  • O3Medical Services CME – Ozone & Vitamin Therapies (Integrative approach).
  • Continuing Education, Inc – CME – IV Nutritional Therapies (Integrative approach).
  • Medscape CME – Management of Rosacea.
  • Medscape CME – Cellulite : Anatomical & Clinical Study of Cellulite.
  • Medscape 2012 CME – Master Class : Advanced Treatments of aging Mid-Face.
  • Boston University School of Medicine – CME – Cutaneous Laser Surgery.
  • Medscape CME – Cutaneous Laser Surgery.
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine – CME – Laser surgery for: Wrinkle Reduction, Facial Shaping, Augmentation, Perioral Rejuvenation & Skin Resurfacing.
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine – CME – Advanced Injection Techniques with Hyaluronic Acid.
Dr. Pien providing life saving treatment to one of our many young patients diagnosed with a terminal disease.

Additional Laser and Integrative Certifications

Dr. Pien training other doctors on the use of an automated injection device.

Training and Certification by Laser Manufacturers

  • Candela – Alexandrite, Q Switched 1064 / 532 / 735, Pulse Dye.
  • Laserscope – YAG, Erbium, KTP.
  • Sciton – Glass Erbium, Fractionated Resurfacing, Ablative Resurfacing, Coagulative Resurfacing. 
  • Cutera – Infrared Deep Collagen Remodeling for aging skin.
  • Invasix – Radio Frequency, RF Assisted Liposuction, Deep Collagen Remodeling, Ablative Resurfacing, Fractionated Coagulative Resurfacing, 
  • Syneron – Radio Frequency, Sublative Resurfacing for aging skin.
  • DUSA/GE – Photo Dynamic Therapy / Blue- light & ALA for the treatment of acne.
  • Synergy – Collagen Induction Therapy & Microneedling.