Alignment of Mind and Heart

The purpose of our consultations.

Alignment of Mind and Heart

There are so many principles underlying the structure of how we run our clinics that are typically hidden from the casual eye, unless specifically addressed as an integral component of our education process and/or the natural inclinations of a patient gifted with an unusually inquisitive and curious mind.

The abiding appreciation that we have cultivated for the unfathomably complex, miraculous and mysterious nature of human physiology is typically missed by the average patient whose relationship with their body has been reduced to an artifact of life, rather than a personal portal into the quest for wisdom, beauty and meaning, designed uniquely for them by the creator.

Every Cell is Inscribed by God’s Signature

God’s signature is inscribed into every cell of our body, and the synergy that exists between them…. all 50 trillion of them…. defies the context of science and falls squarely into the sacred embrace of grace… and hence, it is our sacred responsibility and joy-filled privilege as physicians and healers to animate the process of “informed consent” with the science, as well as stepping beyond the boundaries of science into the infinite, whose roadmap exists within the mystery of the intelligence inherent in their physiology. 

All of this, and so much more is consciously engineered into our protocols, and nothing pleases us more than accompanying our patients on their journey of discovery through this magical landscape.  And… as it happens, the more a patient is engaged in the inexplicable joy that emanates, like the scent of a flower, from the intimate discovery of the divine origins of their creation, the more effective the treatments are. 

So, dear patients, please, feel free, feel encouraged, feel compelled and inspired to ask questions.  The journey will be fascinating!

It is in the depth, and intimate nature of this conversation that “stewardship” of the patient over his/her physiology can be awakened and reinforced, in devotion to restoring the integrity of connection to life.

Alignment Between Mind and Heart

The patient must, above all, be able to achieve a “alignment between mind and heart” before receiving their first treatment, which is crucial in our opinion because if the heart is not aligned, the body will not be as involved. 

The aim of our consultations, rather than merely obtaining a signed “informed consent,” is this alignment.

Allow me to explain…

Our Consultations and Their Purpose

Conventional consultations frequently degenerate into a prepared recital of the patient’s symptoms combined with the argument that these symptoms constitute unmistakable proof of the disease’s established diagnosis.

The protocols for the treatments that will be used to deal with the patient’s symptoms are then described.

Typically, there isn’t enough time to go into detail into the patient’s physiology, to the extent that underlying causal issues are discussed at all.

Physiology – We take a Deep Dive Into

To address this, we have produced in-depth videos that are designed for laypeople and go in-depth on the physiology of the system exhibiting symptoms as well as how our treatments address these physiological issues.

Before their appointment, patients are expected to watch these videos. Armed with this knowledge, they can create two crucial outcomes in the consultation:

A) A discussion of the patient’s physiology at a higher level.

B) The patient’s mind and heart are in harmony.

Dr. Pien discusses our Long COVID treatment protocols in our consultation room with a couple of new patients.

The reason that a new patient is sitting in front of me, is not their mind, but their heart.

Importance of an Alignment of Mind and Heart

In reference to the “alignment of the patient’s mind and heart”: When a person is ill, we think that the patient’s heart, not their mind, is what drives and motivates treating the sickness.

After all, the mind is a strong tool for thinking, logic, and justification, but it can also produce a lot of cognitive dissonance.

The heart, on the other hand, does not function logically or deductively; it is not affected by thought processes or the linear structures used in equational calculations. The heart has abilities that go beyond logic and understanding, including intuition, wisdom, and a link to the fundamental metaphysical and spiritual principles that give life to all of creation’s purpose.

The heart searches, expands, and integrates into connections that defy definition and are endless, as opposed to the mind, which seeks, contracts, and crystallizes around finite solutions that it defines as being “right”. The heart discerns the discord of lying and the cacophony of deception as well as the resonance of truth and the ring of integrity.

We are Designed to Fully Engage Life

These qualities of mind and heart are at work within us at a most fundamental level whether we are aware of it or not as we react to our physiology, especially when we are ill.

Our physiology’s main goal and design is to:

a whole commitment to life.And, to some extent, engagement “comes off the rails” when we are ill. Our relationship’s integrity with the life energy we were designed to interact with has deteriorated. And even though our mind may make up all kinds of tales to keep our frail egos from accepting our vulnerability, our hearts are aware of the reality.

A new patient is here not because of their mind, but because of their heart… It tries to restore the integrity of the link with life because it recognizes that the patient’s body, which is bound to his or her spirit, is “off track”. The mind is only attempting to catch up after possibly living in denial for a long period and impeding the patient’s search for assistance. In fact, the mind seeks a path to recovery that makes sense, appeals to its insatiable want for control, and satisfies its insatiable thirst for a rational scheme it can embrace. Our sessions therefore begin with an analysis of the relevant physiology… it gives the mind something to chew on, and thus, quells its agitation.

Feeding the Mind

In the backdrop that human physiology is divinely constructed with all the necessary machinery to fully embrace life, the films we produce and that we ask our patients to watch before their consultation are focused on accurately feeding the mind with accurate information and calming the mind.

Thereafter, during the face-to-face interaction with a physician, the heart can be addressed.  It is surprisingly simple. 

It’s not about the symptoms, or the science, but about the experience behind the symptoms that must be engaged.

The Experience Behind the Symptoms

The experience that lies beneath the symptoms must be engaged, not the symptoms themselves or the underlying science. To access that breadth of experience, we frequently pose the following question:

“How does that feel to you?”

“So, each morning you wake up exhausted…. How does that feel for you?

“So, your mind is always cloudy… How does that feel for you?

What experience underlies the symptom, beyond the symptom’s description? What kind of life would you lead if you weren’t suffering from this condition? Etc. 

In order to restore the integrity of the relationship to life, the patient’s “stewardship” over his or her physiology might be awakened and sustained in this discourse because of its depth and intimacy. At this moment, the heart and mind are established in alignment. and at this time, the body agrees to participate willingly in the planned therapies.

It’s a sacred mission, after all.

We are aware of it and humbled by it. We are honored to be a part of this process as doctors, scientists, and healers.