Our Medical Philosophy

We are focused on getting to the root cause of a condition in order to treat it at the source.

Alice Pien, MD and Asher Milgrom, PhD – Founders of AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare

Astonished appreciation for the utter brilliance and wonder of human physiology inside the even greater marvel and mystique of life itself serves as the foundation for our entire medical philosophy. As scientists and clinicians, the more we learn about the intricate workings of biological life, the more amazed we are to realize that, as Albert Einstein once stated, “we are touching the mind of God.”

As a result, we think that the design of our physiological systems contains the blueprint for health. To achieve the physiological repair, regeneration, and rebirth of healthy, young, and vital organ systems, the body’s own physiological resources are at the very core of each of our unique protocols.

Our Approach is Holistic

We take a holistic approach to health care, focusing on treating the underlying causes of diseases rather than just their symptoms, which typically only provide short-term relief. Our research focuses on how organ systems change physiologically over time, from hormone glands to organs, from aging and injured to too young and healthy.

In order to promote health and vigor internally, our distinctive technique entails stimulating the physiological processes that are already present in our organs.

In a nutshell: Your energy and vitality will decrease if your internal organs and glands are not operating properly.

Investing in the Tools of Our Trade

Too that end, we’ve invested heavily in the tools of our trade and in the education of the practitioners who treat our patients.

The value of this type of investment to you is unrivaled. It means 3 Sechrist Hyperbaric Oxygen ChambersOzonation Technologies, Placental/Umbilical Tissues/Biological Allografts (FDA: HCT/P – Stem Cells), High Potency IV Therapies, (to name a selected few) are always available to our staff, providing an unsurpassed advantage in treating a wide variety of physiological conditions, from skin to bone, for all types of people.

And it means always giving patients the best possible results.

3 Sechrist Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers at our Orange County clinic.

We are Educators

Dr. Milgrom presenting at the 2022 FLCCC Educational Conference.

More than being educated, and constantly expanding our knowledge, we are also educators. This is absolutely essential to delivering consistently superior results time and again.

We believe not only in the ongoing education of our highly qualified staff, but of our patients as well. The more a patient understands about how our treatments interact with the body’s physiology, the better the results will be.

Our mission as educators, medical aesthetic specialists and experts of Regenerative Medicine and wellness, is to help you separate fact from fiction, set realistic goals and treatment timeframes, and then meet and exceed your expectations. To accomplish this, we invest the needed time to educate you, in order that you achieve an alignment of mind and heart so that you can arrive at a full understanding of what is best for your body.

Bottom line, as physicians and healers, we are responsible and privileged to first help our patients establish an alignment between their mind and heart, before their body gets involved.

We are Researchers and Pioneers

We are also researchers and pioneers who have participated in numerous FDA sanctioned IRB clinical studies on emerging advanced medical technologies. And while we’re profoundly gratified by the highly effective innovations we’ve already created, we’re especially excited and challenged by what we’ve yet to discover.

It’s that next piece of the puzzle — the next miraculous breakthrough — in which we’re most deeply invested — and that helps our patients realize, through their bodies’ own transformative physiological capabilities, their most youthful, healthy and vital self on the inside… for a lifetime.

We look forward to earning your trust and partnering with you in living long, strong and healthy.

AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare’s greatest vision for life is the expansion of consciousness, through which God’s purpose in all things is manifest.