Ozone Therapy – Why “The 10 Pass Device” is the Best

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You may of heard of ozone therapy. It’s one of those therapies that is considered “alternative” which is really kind of strange given the fact that ozone therapy has been used for decades throughout Europe and throughout Asia.

In fact, ozone therapy was used here in the United States back in the early turn of the last century. In fact, Nikola Tesla was even using ozone in ozonated oils which he used medicinally. So ozone therapy has a long history.

If you look over the last few decades at the many 100s of clinics throughout Europe that use ozone, ozone therapy is one of the safest therapies ever used in human history.

How Ozone is Administered

Explore the photos below to get an in-depth view of the intravenous High Dose Ozone Therapy treatment.

There are a number of ways that ozone is used in treating the human body.

One is administering ozone into the blood.

Another one is bagging a limb also called limb bagging. You actually surround the limb with a bag and infuse the ozone gas into the bag to treat the skin of that limb.

Another very effective way of using ozone is by injection. Often times we will inject ozone directly into a degenerated joint and the patient will have all sorts of amazing healing from the use of ozone in that joint.

Another method is ozone insufflation were the gas is infused directly into a body cavity.

Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy – The “10 Pass” Device

I want to focus now on the most effective way of ozone therapy into human blood. That would be this device right here.

Hermann, Hyper Medozon, hyperbaric ozone therapy device

Hermann, Hyper Medozon, hyperbaric ozone therapy device.

What happens is that we start an IV in a patient and this hyperbaric ozone therapy device will suck the blood up into a special container right here.

Container where the blood is ozonated.

Container where the blood is ozonated.

Then it will ozonate the blood under pressure, hence the term hyperbaric ozone therapy.

Once the blood is fully oxygenated and ozonated the device then pumps it back into the body. Then it will draw the blood out again and do the whole process over again. The hyperbaric ozone therapy can do it for multiple passes. The ideal number of passes being around 10. Hence, the other term, “the 10 pass device”.

Why the “10 Pass” Device is a Better Administration of Ozone

There are a lot of theories of why the hyperbaric device is a better administration of ozone than the normal one pass ozone treatment that you have seen with a simple IV bag. Quick frankly, we are not exactly sure. But really all that matters are that the clinical results are significantly better.

We know for instance that when you use a hyperbaric administration of the ozone it interacts more powerfully with the mitochondria of cells in the body.

The mitochondria are the little "power houses" the produce the energy in each of your cells

The mitochondria are the little “power houses” the produce the energy in each of your cells.

The mitochondria are the engine of life in each one of our individual cells. If you can stimulate the mitochondria, you are stimulating the regenerative capacity of the body.

We also know from all the research being conducted in Europe on hyperbaric ozone therapy that once you get to about 8 passes of this hyperbaric ozone administration that the stem cells of the body, systemically throughout your body, seem to get stimulated. The stimulation of you stem cells is one of the single most important aspects of the regenerative capacity of your health and longevity.

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy

There is a whole list of very positive things that happen when you administer ozone to the blood of a person. I’ll name just a few of them.

Ozone causes blood flow to significantly improve which also improves the red blood cells ability to cary oxygen.

Ozone causes blood flow to significantly improve which also improves the red blood cells ability to cary oxygen.

Blood flow significantly improves which of course improves the profusion of oxygen throughout the entire body, in all tissues of the body.

Another thing that happens in the overall reduction of cholesterol. That’s pretty much a good thing for just about everybody.

Another very significant thing is that it improves the red blood cells metabolism and increases their ability to carry and deliver oxygen to your tissues.

Ozone improves the red blood cells metabolism and increases their ability to carry and deliver oxygen to your tissues.

Ozone improves the red blood cells metabolism and increases their ability to carry and deliver oxygen to your tissues.

By the way, that is one of the reasons that elite athletes are very interested in the use of ozone to increase their athletic ability and their athletic performance.

When we talk about cellular profusion of oxygen and how that increases the bodies ability to utilize oxygen and its efficiency throughout its entire muscular system and organ system don’t forget that the brain also benefits hugely from ozonation of blood.

One of the things you will see from the patients that we interview is that brain fog lifts through ozonation of the blood. Your brain, simply put, will function better, your memory will improve, your ability to think will improve and basically your brain will feel like its working and brightened up.

In Conclusion

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