Red Light Therapy (RLT), AKA LLLT, AKA Photobiomodulation is a therapy that stimulates healing and regeneration externally as well as internally.

I got COVID in March of 2020, experienced Long Covid symptoms until November of 2020, recovered and felt pretty good for about 4 months. In early February of 2021, our health officials forced us to be vaccinated. The vaccination caused a whole different set of symptoms. You can’t even compare them.

One of the pharmacological agents that the medical community is starting to take notice of for this purpose is Methylene Blue.

Glutathione is the body’s most important antioxidant and plays a major role in the health of every tissue and organ in the human body including your skin.

Glutathione is the body’s most important antioxidant and plays a major role in the health of every tissue and organ in the human body including your skin.

Glutathione is a simple protein made of three amino acids, glutamine, cysteine and glycine.  It is the body’s most important antioxidant, and plays a major role in the health of every tissue and organ in the human body… Including you skin!

Why Glutathione is Important

The biochemical process of making ATP is an “oxidative” process. Glutathione helps to neutralize these oxidizing bi-products with “anti-oxidant” molecules.

The biochemical process of making ATP is an “oxidative” process. Glutathione helps to neutralize these oxidizing bi-products with “anti-oxidant” molecules.

Inside every cell in the body there is energy generating apparatus called mitochondria. 

Mitochondria convert the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat into chemical energy called ATP.  Everything a cell does, from its own maintenance to making important substances that other cells need (like insulin for example) is dependent on ATP. Without adequate amounts of ATP, the cell will quickly cease to function and then die. 

Neutralizing Oxidizing Bi-products

The biochemical process of making ATP is an “oxidative” process, which means that it utilizes oxidizing elements within the chemical reactions that are taking place and the reactions produce chemical bi-products that are oxidants. (The scientific term for this is: “Oxidative phosphorylation”)

Generally speaking oxidizing elements are toxic to living cells, therefore the body must have the ability to neutralize these oxidizing bi-products with “anti-oxidant” molecules, which is precisely the job of glutathione.   Our bodies produce large amounts of this antioxidant, which our cells use to stay healthy while they produce energy to live and function. 

Knowledge Nugget – Dynamic Balance
Homeostasis is the dynamic balance wherein opposing forces are perfectly balanced in order for life to thrive.

Homeostasis is the dynamic balance wherein opposing forces are perfectly balanced in order for life to thrive.

In many of my articles I talk about how all the natural physiological forces within our bodies exist in opposing pairs… a kind of yin-yang duality wherein opposing forces are perfectly balanced in order for life to thrive.

This example of the absolutely necessary oxidative processes that create cellular energy (ATP), and the presence of anti-oxidants such as glutathione that balance the reaction is a perfect example of this duality.

Knowledge Nugget – Glutathione and Your Skin

The various cells of the dermis and epidermis that together make up our skin also have mitochondria. If they are not functioning properly, the skin will deteriorate and become diseased. Therefore, anything that can be done to increase the health and robust functioning of the mitochondria of skin cells, is a good thing.

It really is that simple… though not so easy to achieve.

In sum, all the organs of our body are subject to oxidative stress from the simple and essential physiological processes through which their cells create ATP, the biochemical energy for life. Accordingly, all cells of all organs must also be able to produce glutathione to counter the essential oxidative stress caused by this ATP production.

Critical Roles of Glutathione

In addition to the generation of biochemical energy (ATP), glutathione also plays a critical role in:

  • Activation of vitamins such as C and E.
  • DNA synthesis and repair
  • Liver detoxification (liver cells make and use more glutathione than any other organ)
  • Immune system (synthesis of anti-bodies and prostaglandins)
Pills and creams that contain glutathione don't work

Pills and creams that contain glutathione don’t work.

Beyond normal and healthy oxidative processes that occur in cells (such as the creation of ATP), every disease state is associated with elevated levels of oxidative stress beyond what normal levels of glutathione can counteract. It is this oxidative damage that cause diminished function and eventually dysfunction of an organ.

Skin however, is different from all other organs, in that only skin is subject to oxidative stress from internal conditions as well as from external sources such as sun. After all, skin is the only organ that is exposed externally (other than eyes). Thus, it is logical to assume that treating our skin with glutathione would be a very good thing to do, right? However, that doesn’t mean that we should rush to the vitamin store and load up on glutathione pills and cream to spread on our bodies like butter on toast. The idea is correct, glutathione should increase the health of our skin, and if we could get it to our skin cells, perhaps it could give us a “mini face lift” or neck lift.

Glutathione for Skin Whitening

Interestingly, regarding our skin, glutathione actually whitens our skin by inhibiting the production of our natural pigment (melanin). Accordingly, one would then expect that a huge number of skin whitening “miracle” products containing glutathione would flood the market, and in fact, there are some, but none of them are particularly effective. Apparently, this antioxidant is not easily absorbed into the cells of our epithelium (top layer of skin), where melanin is naturally produced. Thus to whiten our skin, glutathione must be administered through an IV.

Nugget: In some Asian cultures, white skin is highly valued. Thus, in cities throughout South Korea and Japan, you will find nail parlors side-by-side skin spas that give women glutathione IVs to whiten their skin.

How Do We Get Glutathione Into Our Cells?

Unfortunately, getting extra amounts of glutathione into our cells is not so easy. When glutathione is taken orally in capsules it is quickly destroyed by our digestive system, nor can our skin absorb this antioxidant from a cream. Therefore, speaking from the perspective of how we are engineered within nature’s (God’s) overall design, it seems that we are meant to make our own glutathione, rather than getting it from our environment. 

Nutritional Supplements to Increase Production

Is there anything we can do to increase our own production of glutathione?

The following nutritional supplements have been shown to increase glutathione production, especially in people who are suffering from a condition that impairs their ability to make it.

Intravenous (IV) Glutathione

IV administration of glutathione is the only way to effectively get it into the body.

IV administration of glutathione is the only way to effectively get it into the body.

So… given how important glutathione is for our health, how can we get it in?

Intravenous administration (IV) is the only way. Hooking you up to an IV bag that contains glutathione is the only efficient way to get it into your body and our skin, where it can have an immediate positive effect on many aspects of your physiology as well as a therapy for many diseases.

1. Anti-Aging

People with higher levels of glutathione have fewer illnesses, lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Conversely, older people with diabetes, heart disease and arthritis, are found to have lower glutathione levels than their peers who are disease free.

2. Neurological Disease

Both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are characterized by glutathione depletion in affected areas of the brain. Extensive oxidative damage to brain tissue is found in both illnesses, which is helped by glutathione.

3. Hepatitis and Liver Detoxification

Glutathione is depleted in the livers of people suffering from alcoholic liver disease as well as in hepatitis A, B and C.  Interestingly, the medication used to treat Hepatitis C loses its effectiveness when glutathione levels are low.  In general, liver inflammation due to any cause is calmed by raising glutathione levels helps.

Knowledge Nugget – Glutathione and Liver Failure
Glutathione IVs are far less expensive than surgery

Glutathione IVs are far less expensive than surgery.

Though not one of our patients, I observed a colleague Naturopathic Doctor care for one of her patients that was deathly ill from liver failure caused by the toxic “side-effects” of other medications he was taking. This patient had been scheduled for a liver transplant surgery prescribed by conventional MD’s who had been treating him.

Scared of the surgery, which has a very high probability of complications and death, he sought an out-of-the-box second opinion. My colleague administered a series of high doses of IV glutathione which resurrected his liver and saved his life. By the way, the liver transplant surgery would have cost approximately $600,000. The IVs cost about $2,000. So… makes you wonder doesn’t it?

4. Lung Disease

Inflammatory lung diseases such as interstitial fibrosis and cigarette induced damaged are aggravated by glutathione depletion. Glutathione reduces oxidative damage in lung tissue.

5. Diabetes

Glutathione helps protect against diabetic complications, including heart disease, kidney failure and blindness.

6. Eyes

Glutathione may be beneficial in treating eye diseases such as macular degeneration and degenerative conditions caused by toxins and heavy metals.

7. Skin

Given the ubiquitous positive effects of glutathione on so many vital physiological systems in our body, there is no doubt that it is good for our skin as well.  Besides, while the IV is hooked up, there are so many other ingredients that can be added to the IV concoction to improve our overall health in many ways.

The Final Analysis

Because of glutathione’s remarkable positive and regenerative effects on so many organs and tissues throughout our bodies, in a integrative medical practice that is treating your skin, IV therapy that not only improves your overall health and wellbeing can be easily combined with IV elements that can improve your skin as well.

Therefore, when undergoing skin treatments such as: laser skin tightening, non-surgical face lift, neck and jowl tightening, laser skin resurfacing, scar removal treatments and stretch mark removal treatments, appropriate IV therapy can significantly improve the results of your procedures.

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The following are three personal stories of healing from Long COVID fatigue and brain fog. While all of our patients suffer from a any number of the 200 symptoms associated with Long COVID, it is the fatigue and brain fog that are the most debilitating for them. 

Not only is fatigue one of the most common symptoms of Long COVID, but it is also one of the longest lasting symptoms, present even 100 days after the first symptom of acute COVID-19 in some individuals.

New scientific research into the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) as a treatment for Long Covid is producing statistically significant results.

Doctor in modern medical facility.

Doctor in modern medical facility examining radiological images. Radiology is one of three primary approaches that conventional-western-medicine uses to intervene in disease.

A priori, let me sing the praises of modern medical science. 

From the advent of antibiotics, to the advances in recombinant DNA, to the invention of lasers, nuclear medicine and radiology, and the entire spectrum of advances in cellular biology, from neurotransmitters to stem cells, and of course the extraordinary surgical techniques developed in the last few decades, the shear genius of modern medical science is nothing short of miraculous.  

The Birth of Integrative, Regenerative Medicine

That said, Integrative, Regenerative Medicine at its core was born of the failures of conventional-western-medicine that dominates the medical landscape of the US and Europe. 

Without delving into the quagmire of arguments promulgated by its defenders and detractors, the facts of iatrogenic (caused by medical treatments) injury, disease and death attributable to conventional-western-medicine are indisputable.  Whether iatrogenic death is the first or third greatest cause of death in the United States, no one disputes its ranking in the top five along with heart disease and cancer.   

The Conventional Medicine Approach

Modern surgeons performing surgery in operation room.

Surgery is another one of three primary approaches that conventional-western-medicine uses to intervene in disease.

Bottom line, it is commonly known by professionals as well as the general public that the primary approach of conventional-western-medicine is intervening in disease by three invasive methods…

  1. Biochemical
  2. Surgical
  3. Radiological

All three of these methods are replete with serious side effects, complications and risks, which explain the high incidence of iatrogenic injury, disease and mortality.  All three seek to intervene in the disease independently of a patient’s physiology, which I too believe is at times the appropriate and best option. However, all three are also an assault on the patient’s physiology, which once again, is the source of so many of the detrimental side-effects and dangers we see broadcast on 5 billion dollars of TV commercials every year. 

All three of these methods are deeply entrenched in exceedingly complicated and expensive scientific research, which is a double edged good/bad thing.  Advancing science is great…. however, when confronted with market realities, regulatory, political and legal encumbrances and draconian liabilities, this overwhelming complexity and expense must then be ameliorated and justified by profits generated by its use… regardless of its actual clinical efficacy… as is evidenced, once again, by the high incidence of iatrogenic injury, disease and death.  

The Absence of Disease Symptoms AND Clinical Outcomes

For sure only a small fraction of western medicine is focused on eliminating the cause of disease or preventing disease.  It is clearly evident that at its core conventional-western-medicine defines health as the absence of disease symptoms, and thus it has little understanding of what actually constitutes health itself, and accordingly has little to offer in support of promoting optimal health.  

Finally, a disturbing trend has emerged throughout conventional-western-medicine, wherein purveyors of healthcare, which include a sequentially linked string of participants from government agencies to insurance companies to hospitals and doctors, will preferentially use a conventional therapy whose “scientific mechanism of action” is studied and purportedly understood, over an “unconventional” therapy, whose mechanisms of actions have not been “scientifically studied or validated”, but whose clinical outcomes are superior. 

The Integrative, Regenerative Medicine Approach

Doctor drawing up mesenchymal stem cells into a syringe. Stem cells are considered the "holy grail" of Integrative, Regenerative Medicine.

Doctor drawing up mesenchymal stem cells into a syringe. Stem cells are considered the “holy grail” of Integrative, Regenerative Medicine.

Out of the frustration and chaos of this morass, has emerged the voice of both patient and doctor who “just want to get well”, using whatever works, from where ever it comes.   Simply stated, “Outcome” or “Evidenced” based medicine. 

At AMA Regenerative Medicine, we start with this basic idea and add a few more dimensions to arrive at the following paradigm: 

Integrative, Regenerative Medicine is…

  1. First and foremost is dedicated to successful clinical outcomes, as embraced by “evidence/outcome based medicine”.
  2. Is dedicated to a “physiological approach” to healing; wherein protocols are designed to work in collaboration with the patient’s physiology.
  3. Is Holistic:  Thus ALL physiological systems that can be engaged in the healing of a patient should be engaged.   
  4. Whenever possible, and to the extent possible, these physiological protocols utilize non-invasive to least-invasive methods, both biochemically and physically.
  5. Utilizes therapeutic modalities from all sources that have proven clinical efficacy.
  6. Specializes in developing multiple-modality protocols that combine different modalities to achieve superior clinical results than modalities used separately.
  7. Specializes in a thorough physiological evaluation of each patient, in order to customize a therapeutic protocol that is tailored for each patient throughout the entire course of treatment.
Patient in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Patient in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Oxygen inhaled under pressure is dissolved in all fluids of the body, so it’s more efficiently absorbed into all the body’s cells.

Philosophically and Pragmatically Speaking, Integrative, Regenerative Medicine is…

  1. Is founded on an abiding respect for the inherent and miraculous intelligence of human physiology.
  2. Forges a partnership of 3 parties in pursuit of healing:  
    1. The willing and engaged patient.  
    2. The dedicated and engaged physician and medical staff.  
    3. The patient’s physiology, which also must be “consulted” and engaged.

We believe this paradigm constitutes a transformational shift in how medicine should be practiced.

Spiritual Foundations of Integrative, Regenerative Medicine

The purpose of Integrative, Regenerative Medicine is to restore the physiological and functional vitality of organ systems by working holistically with the natural mechanisms inherent in the purposeful design of human physiology.

The purpose of Integrative, Regenerative Medicine is to restore the physiological and functional vitality of organ systems by working holistically with the natural mechanisms inherent in the purposeful design of human physiology.

In contrast to invasive modalities, biochemically (pharmaceutical), physically (surgery) or radiologically, the purpose of Integrative, Regenerative Medicine is to restore the physiological and functional vitality of organ systems by working holistically with the natural mechanisms inherent in the purposeful design of human physiology.

For us this is more than just smart science and good medicine, it is also a spiritual pursuit to develop protocols to manifest three seminal elements:

  1. To honor the purpose inherent in the design of our tissues.
  2. To invigorate, regenerate and collaborate with (rather than against) the natural processes that produce health, youth, vitality and beauty.
  3. To achieve through interpersonal education, an alignment between the mind and heart of our patients, so that each patient is empowered to make for themselves a holistic decision to engage their bodies.

ALL Things are Created with Purpose

Whether we call the source of all things “Source”, “Spirit”, “Life”, “Nature” or simply “God”, we believe that all things are created with purpose. In nature we see how every life-form can’t help but manifest its purpose, revealing the unfathomable mystery and utter perfection of its essential design.

At all levels, from outer skin, to inner organs, to cell membranes, to DNA, to molecules, atoms, electrons and subatomic particles, everything about life at every level is a synchronous symphony of purpose… effortlessly and perfectly expressing itself.

Consider the shear improbability of your next breath: The human body comprises 100 trillion cells and every one of these cells simultaneously and precisely performs 20,000 essential biochemical reactions every second. Thus, in order for you to take your next breath 20,000,000,000,000,000 different sequential activities must synchronize in perfect harmony in every single second. What is the probability that you could exist for even one second, without an underlying purpose that animates, coordinates, synergizes and synchronizes all this activity? 

Animation of how DNA is copied in living cells.

Animation of how DNA is copied in living cells. An assembly line of amazing, miniature, biochemical machines that are pulling apart the DNA double helix and making a copy of each strand.

As design is a manifestation of intelligence and cannot exist without prerequisite purpose, and purpose is born exclusively of consciousness, all existence is a consequence of consciousness so vast it is unthinkable. 

OUR Consciousness of this Purposeful Design

As human beings, we are uniquely endowed with a modicum of consciousness of this purposeful design, physiologically as well as spiritually.

Spiritually, we are designed with the irrepressible instinct to search for meaning and purpose in existence. Accordingly, we strive daily to align our fulfillment with our equally unique and innate capacity to experience the resonance of good and the dissonance of evil.

Physiologically, we know when we are in alignment with the purpose of our bodies’ internal design. We can feel the difference between the dissonance of eating junk food and the resonance of proper nourishment, between the resonance of breathing in fresh meadow air verses the dissonance of noxious vapors. And though there are times when invasive treatments are truly the best available option, we instinctively know that cutting up our tissues or disrupting our biochemistry, can cause much unintended and enduring damage, diminishing our spirit and warping our psyche.

Manifesting the Purpose of Our Physical Design

Finally, we believe that the unfathomable intelligence that is inherent in the cosmic design of the universe, is holographically present in all its components. This divine intelligence is not only the source of the design of our body, but of all aspects of our existence. Thus, as utilizing medical protocols that “manifest the purpose of our physical design” produce rewards of health, vitality and beauty, so too are our lives rewarded with extraordinary meaningfulness, fulfillment and joy when we take a parallel path in our actions and behaviors to “manifest the purpose of our spiritual design”. 

We believe that design cannot exist without prerequisite purpose, and thus humans too, are born “of purpose” and “on purpose”, both physically and spiritually. Therefore, regardless of what your individual understanding of the purpose of your existence might be, we celebrate our patients’ spiritual journey as they draw nearer to embracing and manifesting divine purpose in their lives. 

May you experience Divine purpose in your life, and may you consciously manifest it with effortless perfection.

In Search of Optimal Health - The AIMS of Dr. Asher Milgrom and Dr. Alice Pien

In Search of Optimal Health – The AIMS of Dr. Asher Milgrom and Dr. Alice Pien

Imagine if someone told you that there is a cure for herpes, diabetes, Lyme disease, lupus, MS and many more diseases considered to be incurable life-sentence illnesses by conventional medicine.

Wouldn’t you be overjoyed?

What if you found out that there are treatments for cancer that are 1000% more effective than conventional treatments? What if you found out that many of these therapies have been available for some time but that the “powers-that-be” such as the FDA, “big-pharma” and insurance companies shut the door on these “alternative cures”?

Wouldn’t you be outraged?

Optimal Health and the Powers-that-be 

Well, studies show there are KNOWN and proven cures to some of the most debilitating diseases of our time, but because of what seem to be nefarious and conspiratorial reasons having to do with power and money, those that control medicine seem determined on keeping us in the dark about these treatments and cures.

Why would they do that?

Because your ill health is a multi-trillion-dollar industry that feeds massive pharmaceutical companies, giant insurance companies, as well as the Feds and enormous sectors of the legal industry. Simply put, the disruption to these industries represented by a cure to an illness whose “management” generates billions of dollars is a threat.

Bottom line, there is a lot of money and power in “managing” your illness for the span of your lifetime, rather than simply curing it and restoring you to optimal health.

Is your mind boggling?

Because mine certainly did when I discovered all this from husband and wife team, Dr. Alice Pien MD and Dr. Asher Milgrom PhD.

Pioneers in Integrative and Regenerative Medicine

Beyond the repairing of your skin… to a holistic rebirth of your skin

Beyond the repairing of your skin… to a holistic rebirth of your skin

For me the issue was also personal. I’d gone in search of an alternative cure for my rosacea as I’ve suffer with continual outbreaks, not only on my skin, but occasionally also in my eyes. The only solution I could find with western medicine were antibiotics and steroidal creams, both of which cause side effects and are hard on my liver.

My search brought me to AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare where I met Drs. Milgrom and Pien, pioneers in Integrative and Regenerative medicine. Together, Drs. Milgrom and Pien own and operate AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare where they’ve developed advanced holistic medical protocols for a wide variety of laser procedures that produce extraordinary clinical results while requiring minimal patient downtime. In other words, they could stop my rosacea for good – with no unhealthy side effects in a short span of time.

The only down side?

My insurance wouldn’t cover it. I went ahead regardless and had the laser treatments done.

And did it heal my rosacea?

Absolutely – 100%

Holistic Rebirth of Your Skin

AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare offers all kinds of leading edge, noninvasive therapies that go beyond the repairing of your skin to a holistic rebirth of your skin. If you want healthy, young looking and vibrant skin, this is the place to go.

Achieving Optimal Health

But hold on, not only do Dr. Milgrom and Dr. Pien include high potency vitamin IV therapy, acupuncture, collagen induction therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen treatments as adjuncts to their hi-tech laser medicine, they further offer ozone therapy and stem cell therapy for a wide spectrum of systemic diseases as well.

These last two therapies for optimal health are what really intrigued me, and I wanted to know more, not just about these therapies but also about what is happening in our healthcare system?

Integrative and Regenerative Medicine for Optimal Health

SoCal Magazine:

Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Dr. Milgrom holds a vial of Mesenchymal Stem Cells.

Stem cell therapy seems to offer tremendous promise in treating a range of diseases, injuries and other health-related conditions. Could you tell us more about this?

Dr. Pien and Dr. Milgrom:

Eventually all the cells in our bodies lose their ability to function because of aging or because they were damaged in some way. Since stem cells are the regenerative engines of our bodies, we can either stimulate your own native stem cells or inject your body with stem cells that will help heal your body in ways your own stem cells are no longer able to.

We administer stem cells in the form of injections and IV infusions, and once the stem cells are in your body we stand back and watch the healing. It’s rather miraculous and is truly humbling for physicians to work with these “mysterious” cells (see the documentary, the “God Cells”).

The stem cells we use are harvested from the human umbilical cord Wharton’s Jelly and are known as Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC). Studies show that these stem cells help with joint repair, auto-immune disease, degenerative organs and neuromuscular diseases including Autism, Multiple Sclerosis and muscular dystrophy. Without a doubt, Stem Cell Therapy is the most promising and potent of all anti-aging, longevity and regenerative therapies.

SoCal Magazine:

And what can Ozone Therapy do for you?

Dr. Pien and Dr. Milgrom:

Ozone therapy is being administered via autohemotherapy

Ozone therapy is being administered via autohemotherapy.

There are studies from around the world showing that Ozone Therapy is effective in the treatment of various diseases including cancer, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic infections such as Lyme disease and viruses, as well as many autoimmune diseases.

Ozone kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, and comes with a long list of benefits such as anti-aging, boosting the immune system, and increasing energy production in your cells. Ozone therapy stimulates the mitochondria of every cell in our body, and given that mitochondria are the “engine of life” in each cell—ozone stimulates the regenerative capacity of every organ in the body.

Ozone therapy has been extensively studied for decades, is used worldwide for cancer, hepatitis, HIV, herpes, Lyme, autoimmune diseases and hundreds of serious illnesses, and though it is legal to use, it is not FDA approved in the US. You may wonder how that can be, when ozone is so effective and inexpensive, without any harmful adverse reactions or side effects so typical of pharmaceuticals and surgeries. Ahhh, and therein lies the rub, because the fact is that ozone works and if it was used more, many people could avoid the need for pharmaceuticals and/or surgeries.

SoCal magazine:

Why is Western Medicine not climbing on board?

Dr. Pien and Dr. Milgrom:

Conventional western-medicine is failing us here in the USA. Not only do we pay the most exorbitant costs for healthcare anywhere in the world, but the quality of care we receive is now the lowest in the developed world. To make it worse, the painful truth that no one wants to look at, is that “Iatrogenic Death”, which is death caused by medical treatments, ranks as one of the top 3 leading causes of premature and unnecessary death in the United States. And yes, of course, everyone is aware that western medicine has also developed amazing and vital therapies, but we’re moving towards a future where achieving optimal health is the goal.

For stem cell research, the rules and regulations laid out by the FDA slows us down and makes it very expensive to do trials that also require many years to complete – and everyone knows it. It’s short sighted because now literally millions of people every year leave the US in search of preferred healthcare elsewhere in the world that is focused on optimal health and is both more effective and often less expensive than treatments in the US.

When it comes to achieving optimal health… The doctor and the patient aren’t even included in the conversation

When it comes to achieving optimal health… The doctor and the patient aren’t even included in the conversation

SoCal Magazine:

Above is Dr. Milgrom’s animated depiction of what the medical playing field looks like in the US. Notice how neither the doctor nor the patients are allowed to participate in the conversation dominated by the four huge gorillas.

It’s due to this ludicrous situation that Drs. Pien and Milgrom are looking to establish a medical facility in Belize called AIMS – Advanced Integrative Medicine and Surgery that will be truly integrative and completely free of the gorillas, and 110% focused on delivering the best possible clinical outcomes to its patients. They’ve already gained support from Belize’s Ministry of Health who said “…we are pleased to provide all necessary support to ensure the success of this project…” And the government in Belize has modified its healthcare regulations in support of the AIMS project.

So, how does AIMS plan to help patients achieve optimal health?

Advanced Integrative Medicine & Surgery

Advanced Integrative Medicine & Surgery

Dr. Pien and Dr. Milgrom:

With Advanced Integrative Medicine—a safer, non-toxic, minimally invasive, less expensive way to treat you with superior results that achieve optimal health.

Integrative Medicine incorporates treatments from all modalities, ancient treatments and modern science, western and eastern, including Regenerative medicine, and takes into account not only the physiological symptoms, but also the psychological, social and spiritual aspects of illness, health and wellness. Integrative Medicine utilizes, supports and amplifies the body’s own potential to heal itself.

In this fully integrative environment, even when surgery is necessary, the outcomes will be far and away superior to conventional standards. Through AIMS and its research facilities, Drs. Pien, Milgrom, and hundreds of their colleagues’ intend to develop and provide optimal health for humanity.

Article By: Niki Smart for Socal Magazine
Photos by: Johnny Buzzerio & James Mutter