Joe Namath on Hyperbaric Oxygen for Traumatic Brain Injury

Although many consider Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ‘revolutionary’, this treatment was actually created in 1662.

Watch the video : Joe Namath discusses HBOT for the treatment of TBI

With every breath we take in oxygen which is the most critical element every cell requires for life.

Although many consider Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ‘revolutionary’, this treatment was actually created in 1662 in England. Since then, it has been widely embraced in the east (every hospital in Japan, and over 3000 clinics in China use HBOT). No wonder people from the East seem to age so well.

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What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

HBOT, otherwise known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is administered in an FDA approved chamber and allows a person to breathe highly concentrated oxygen while lying in the pressurized chamber.

The hyperbaric pressurized chamber considerably boosts the amount of oxygen our body absorbs. The extra pressure causes the oxygen to dissolve in all the fluids of our body.  Subsequently, every cell of every organ in our body can now access oxygen directly from the saturated fluids that surround it and not just from hemoglobin in blood.

HBOT was originally used to help diver’s suffering from decompression sickness. Then doctors discovered it was invaluable in treating carbon monoxide poisoning. Since then, HBOT had proven highly effective in treating chronic fatigue, traumatic brain injuries, joint pain, fibromyalgia, fertility problems, digestive problems, skin disorders and more.

Benefits of HBOT

For well over 100 years, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has provided instrumental help in curing and preventing diseases and boosting immunity worldwide.

The benefits of the oxygen treatment include a speedy rebuilding of damaged tissue, a more effective immune system and a more youthful appearance.

The hyperbaric treatment allows O2 that is saturated into all your body’s fluids into your tissue, lymph, spinal and brain fluids, synovial fluids in your joints, and the interstitial fluids that fill all your organs. . The increased flow and absorption recharges the body’s organs and vital systems.

Side Effects of HBOT

There are no negative side effects associated with HBOT.  The only discomfort our patients report is temporary popping in the ears due to the change in pressure, similar to the popping that occurs while flying or swimming to the bottom of a swimming pool.

The treatment is completely painless allowing most of our patients take a much-needed nap during the process.

HBOT is not a quick fix for most medical issues. Results are typically progressive and cumulative and increase dramatically over time. Stroke victims who participate in HBOT often leave the hospital in nearly half of the time and fewer return visits are reported.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury

Reporter – My next guest knows a thing or two about that he’s the Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath. He recently underwent a series of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Treatments that doctors claim reversed damage he suffered from years of brutal hits in the NFL. How would you describe these Hyperbaric Treatments and what did they do to you?

Joe Namath – Knowing that I had had concussions I reached out for some help because I wanted to find out if in fact I had traumatic brain injuries (TBI) we could do something about. I did take a nuclear scan. We found that the left temporal area of my brain, the back part, was experiencing virtually no blood flow. So we used a protocol process in a hyperbaric chamber. I did 120 HBOT treatments. After each 40 I was checked again and my cognitive tests that I had taken before the dives as well as my brain in the scans came back to normal. The tests improved with each group of treatments that I had taken. My brain showed a full blood flow and is working once again the way it should be.

Reporter – Is this a possible treatment for other NFL players who have concussion and traumatic brain injuries? Are you putting this out as a possible treatment for them?

Joe Namath – We are trying. We submitted the study to the FDA and they approved it. They want to see another 100 studies. So here at the Joe Namath Neurological Center at the Jupiter Medical Center we are doing that study. HBOT works. I promise you. Not just for traumatic brain injuries for athletes but a variety of brain ailments as well as for children. There are more traumatic brain injuries around the country everyday than there are in athletics. We have discovered help.

SPECT (Single-photon emission computerized tomography) scans of the brain before and after hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Improving Cognitive Ability


Could you feel it? You said that your cognitive ability improved. Does that mean you could think more clearly after the hyperbaric treatment?

Joe Namath – You know I felt good beforehand however I exercise more. I exercise more mentally now and I feel sharper than I had in the past. I had a lot of questions prior to doing the hyperbaric treatments and getting help and those questions have diminished. I feel sharp. I’m as healthy as can be and I am very thankful for that. Again, seeing those pictures, seeing the scans of the brain. Seeing it during and after, It works.

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Works

Reporter – It’s getting oxygen to your brain. That’s what a hyperbaric chamber does.

Joe Namath – It’s something so simple but we can fast for a while right? We can go without liquids for a while right? How long can we go without oxygen? Pure oxygen, under pressure, gets into every part of our body, our brain, we need it. It helps.

Reporter – How many HBOT treatments did you have? How many times did you have to go into the chamber?

Joe Namath – Well, have to and not have to. After 40 treatments we saw a clear improvement with the blood flow into the brain. We did another 40 treatments. I ended up doing 120 hyperbaric treatments over a period of about 7 months. They put you to a pressure, called an atmosphere, like you are going down under the water. Pressure per square inch. It can vary from individual to individual. An atmosphere is 33 feet. Say you go down to 70 some feet of pressure and they apply the pure oxygen. The doctors knowledge, the protocol, that’s the key. No doubt that the pure oxygen with the pressure combined is a major help for the physiology and TBI.

Reporter – Joe Namath it was an honor and a pleasure to have you with us on the show. Congratulations on this successful treatment for concussions. Good stuff sir.

Joe Namath – It’s a help. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a major help.

The Results of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT has been known to treat strokes, infections, burns, wounds, poisoning, AIDS and MS.  It can reduce the recovery time from just about any type of surgery. It has also been known to promote muscle control and brain function in children with ADD, autism and cerebral palsy, among others.
In addition, brain scans have shown progress in distressed areas that previously could not operate.
The conventional American medical industry recognizes HBOT for its valuable detoxing properties. Therefore, HBOT often removes ailments and leaves patients with a refreshed look, especially after a surgical procedure.


Whether you have a severe medical condition, need a refreshing boost or are healing from an injury or surgical procedure, HBOT can help!
The list of benefits continues to increase as more medical offices begin to offer this pressurized oxygen therapy.