Ozone Therapy – Why “The 10 Pass Device” is the Best

Why “The 10 Pass” Ozone Therapy Treatment is the Best The mitochondria are the engine of life and if you can stimulate them, you are stimulating the regenerative capacity of the body. https://youtu.be/6xqdEnI0C8o Watch the video : Why IV Ozone Therapy “The Ten Pass Device” is the Most Effective You may of heard of ozone […]

Joe Namath on Hyperbaric Oxygen for Traumatic Brain Injury

Joe Namath on Hyperbaric Oxygen for Traumatic Brain Injury Although many consider Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ‘revolutionary’, this treatment was actually created in 1662. Watch the video : Joe Namath discusses HBOT for the treatment of TBI With every breath we take in oxygen which is the most critical element every cell requires for life. Although […]

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy : An Effective Treatment for Long Covid

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy A safe Long COVID treatment option that can provide immense benefits for those suffering from the multitude of symptoms. Pictured above are 2 Sechrist H-Series Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers. The H-Series Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are the most advanced chambers in the world. They are also spacious, providing the ability for the patient to […]

Dealing with Long COVID Fatigue – 6 Treatments that Work

Dealing with Long COVID Fatigue – 6 Treatments that Work One of the most common symptoms of Long COVID is profound fatigue, affecting 58% of those with Long COVID according to a 2021 meta-analysis. As more and more individuals are infected with, and then recover from COVID-19, the number of people who then fall victim […]

Long COVID Recovery – 3 Personal Stories of Healing

Long COVID Recovery 3 personal stories of healing. Every day at AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare patients recover from Long COVID with a variety of modalities designed to heal the tissue damage caused by COVID-19. Three stories of healing from Long COVID. Lauri, Cameron and Heydieh all suffered from intense fatigue, brain fog and a whole list […]

Red Light Therapy & Photobiomodulation Heal Your Body

Red Light Therapy Also known as Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) and Photobiomodulation. Red Light Therapy (RLT), AKA LLLT, AKA Photobiomodulation is a therapy that stimulates healing and regeneration externally as well as internally. Externally, the skin is exposed to red and near-infrared light at very specific wavelengths, 630 – 880nm, to treat skin-related issues such […]

Understanding & Treating Spike Protein-Induced Diseases

In FLCCC’s inaugural Educational Conference, Dr. Paul Marik, Chief Scientific Officer, and Dr. Pierre Kory, Chief Medical Officer, brought together 14 of the top experts in the field of pathology, evaluation, and treatment of spike protein-induced diseases.

My Recovery from mRNA Post-Vaccine Syndrome

I got COVID in March of 2020, experienced Long Covid symptoms until November of 2020, recovered and felt pretty good for about 4 months. In early February of 2021, our health officials forced us to be vaccinated. The vaccination caused a whole different set of symptoms. You can’t even compare them.

Treating COVID Spike Protein Related Illnesses

We are just beginning to understand all the ways this spike protein damages the various organ systems in the human body, and thus the list of symptoms that are associated with this spike protein, such as Long Haul COVID and serious systemic Injuries induced by the COVID vaccine, keeps getting longer.