My Recovery from mRNA Post-Vaccine Syndrome

Your healing is not linear, you are all over the map. You will sometimes get worse, way worse, before you get better. If I didn’t keep on consistently being dedicated to treatments, I wouldn’t be here today, as healthy as I am.
A common sight with Long COVID patient’s whether it’s from the virus or the vaccine. The lighter colored “gunk” is coming out of “Ashley’s” venous blood. Fortunately the dialyzer (filter) on the EBOO /F will capture this debris. Purified, ozone infused blood will be returned to “Ashley”.

Every day at AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare patients recover from Long COVID, whether it is caused by the virus or one of the vaccines, with a variety of modalities designed to heal the tissue damage caused by the spike protein.

The following patient was coerced by her government to submit to the experimental COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. “Take the jab or lose your job.” She took the jab and immediately became extremely sick.

She has asked that her identity be concealed due to the stigma, discrimination, retaliation, and harassment that those who proclaim that they were injured by the vaccine often face from their peers, doctors, and government. Hundreds of thousands of people have similar stories.

Due to insidious censorship these people suffer indefinitely… because they can’t access information about viable treatments. This courageous patient wants her story told in hopes of helping those who do not know what to do. Please share her story.

Unfortunately, we have many more vaccine injury stories like “Ashley’s” that will be added to this website in the near future. We are filming them faster than we can edit them.

Ashley – I Was Vax Injured and These Treatments Brought Me Back

“My name is “Ashley”, I’m a registered nurse from Canada and I’m here to share my experience with COVID-19 and my vaccination.

To sum it up, I got COVID in March of 2020, experienced Long Covid symptoms until November of 2020, recovered and felt pretty good for about 4 months. In early February of 2021, our health officials forced us to be vaccinated. The vaccination caused a whole different set of symptoms. It almost felt unrelated. You can’t even compare them.

(the following is a transcript of the full interview with Ashley)

Some of the symptoms are the same as when I had COVID, but much, much worse. It’s like COVID on steroids. Then I developed a whole new set of symptoms that I never had before. 

January of 2022 is when I finally recovered from my vaccine injury. 

2 years of my life…”

First, I was Infected with COVID-19

“I was diagnosed with COVID-19 in March of 2020. This is when we knew very little about COVID. I caught COVID at the hospital that I worked at but continued to work for a few days while I was ill. I believe the exposure to all the patients with COVID is what made me quite ill. We didn’t have proper PPE at the time. Not that, that makes much of a difference.

I worked for three days straight while I wasn’t feeling well. Then I had to quarantine at home.”

The COVID Virus Hit Me Hard

“It took me about 20 days to be able to get back to work because I was quite sick. I had terrible joint pain that hit me almost instantly. I was 28 at the time so it was quite unusual to develop arthritic symptoms overnight without having any sort of injury. I had headaches and extraordinary body aches unlike anything I had ever felt before.

I wasn’t presenting with the symptoms the news kept saying you would present with. They were very hyper-focused on having a fever. At the time, if you didn’t have a fever, you basically didn’t have COVID, which was false. I was not presenting with a fever and therefore, I didn’t have COVID, officially.

I was able to recover from the initial virus and return to my unit at work, but now I was experiencing long haul COVID symptoms.

When “Ashley” was experiencing Long COVID symptoms, most of the inflammation was in her hands.

Second, I had Long COVID Symptoms

“My Long COVID symptoms were fairly minor. I just didn’t feel quite right. I felt fatigued. I was able to workout a little here and there and pretty much get back to my normal life.

My hands were the most distinct symptom that I had. I could hardly open my left hand without it being painful. What was very interesting about the inflammation in my hands is that no anti-inflammatories would ever work.

They would never take away the pain, no matter what I took. I found that really interesting and I thought, why? What’s different here? What’s creating this inflammation that medication is having no effect on? It took a long time for the inflammation in my hands to subside.

Inflammation in my hands, headaches, joint pain and fatigue. Those were the main Long COVID symptoms that I was struggling with.

I wasn’t fully clear of the Long COVID symptoms until November of 2020.”

Back to Normal Life, or so I Thought

“By November, I was finally feeling back to myself. I started skiing and really getting back into my normal routine.

At the time I was in a management position at the hospital. I did have hesitancy about taking the vaccine. I was concerned about any adverse effects with ovaries and the ability to get pregnant. There wasn’t any information on that at the time.

I expressed concerns to my CEO and there was no pressure at the beginning. That was lovely from my management. Then, our health authorities came down hard on us and we would no longer be able to work unless we got vaccinated.”

Explore the photos below to get an in-depth view of the treatments that “Ashley” received.

Third, My Government Forced us to get Vaccinated

“I was vaccinated very early on in February of 2021 with one of the mRNA vaccines. The nurses were vaccinated before a lot of the other health professionals were vaccinated. We were kind of like the guinea pigs at the beginning.

Immediately after I was vaccinated, instantaneously, my joint pain came back. 

Within 24 hours of being vaccinated I felt like I had COVID again, but much, much worse. This lasted about 48 hrs and then I started to feel better. I thought it must have been a reaction. I had COVID before, I don’t know, maybe the vaccine stimulated a similar response.

After receiving one the the mRNA vaccines, “Ashley” developed arthritic like symptoms in her hands. It got so bad that her fingers started to look deformed.

Two weeks following my vaccination, my knuckles had knobs on them. They were so inflamed they literally looked deformed.

What’s interesting with vaccine injuries is how everyone responds different. For some, the symptoms come instantaneously. For other’s it’s a really delayed effect. We’re talking four, six, eight weeks until they notice something is changing in their body. I was both.”

2 to 3 weeks after getting the vaccine “Ashley” broke out in a rash that covered her entire body.

Then Things Started Changing

“I was able to go back to work after the vaccination but I started noticing small changes. My vision and hearing changed. I started becoming very sensitive to light and auditory changes. Very small things were happening, were changing.

I was skiing in March of 2021 and after my ski trip I felt like something was happening in my body. Something was going on. I couldn’t tell what was happening but I knew something bad was happening.

Then I spiked a fever,  it was almost 40 C (104 F), which is a very, very high fever. I immediately went to the emergency room. I lost vision in my left eye. My muscles around my eye were twitching and my eyelid was twitching. From my mid-back to the base of my skull was just fire. It was burning hot.

I developed a rash from my face all the way to my toes. It looked very similar to a heat rash but it was definitely a viral rash of some sort.

I stopped menstruating. The one thing I was fearful of happening, happened. I had my menses right before I was vaccinated and I did not have another for a long time. I just started menstruating again this year in January of 2022. I had almost an entire year of absent menses, nothing, completely silent. My progesterone level was that of someone in menopause.”

The Worst Flu of Your Life Everyday

“It’s like having the worst flu of your life every single day. My bones were painful, every cell in my body felt sick. The only comfort I would have is if I used heat on my body parts to distract myself from the pain.

From about April to July or August I was mainly bedridden. I could not leave the house. I felt so sick. You have this sickness that comes over you and you always feel ill.

Some days I would wake up and I would have this moment of not feeling ill. I would just lay there in bliss for five minutes. It was always right when I woke up that I wouldn’t feel ill and then the symptoms would start creeping in again.”

Brain Fog that Resembled Alzheimer’s

“Around October of 2021 I thought that I was developing a full cognitive decline. Brain fog to the point where I felt like I may be developing early onset Alzheimer’s. That was the scariest thing I have ever experienced.

It was not brain fog from being cloudy. I had COVID, I had Long Haul COVID, that was when I felt foggy. I know what COVID brain fog feels like, foggy, slow and words weren’t coming to me very easily.

By October, I would forget where I was. I was forgetting names of people. It was so intense. I’d be in the middle of a sentence and I know I had a point to make but I forgot what I was talking about. It was very distinct.

It felt like neurodegeneration. Many of the patients I work with have Alzheimer’s. When I would describe to families and patients what to expect from the disease, I felt like I was describing myself. I’m reading Alzheimer’s pamphlets that were describing exactly what was happening in my mind at 29 years old. It was a very, very, scary time.

All of this lasted from about April of 2021 until January of 2022.”

Long COVID versus Post-Vaccine Syndrome

“With Long Covid or Long Haul from the virus, for me, it was tolerable. I was fatigued but I was able to go back to work.

Being vaccine injured, I had to resign from my dream job. I worked so hard to get to that point in management. It was the worst day of my life.”

Explore the photos below to get an in-depth view of the treatments that “Ashley” underwent.

I Found People Just Like Me Online

“Around October of 2021 I started to have some relief from the symptoms.  That’s when I started seeing some light, some hope.

I suffered for a long period of time. I was trying to tough it out. I didn’t want to take up resources. “I’ll just lay in bed and try and help myself” I would tell myself.

I’m not one to be on social media or really reach out in support groups but it got to a point where I started getting really concerned about myself. Once I got on the internet, I started figuring out that there were tons of people like myself.”

They Recommended Me to My First Clinics

“I was recommended to a few different clinics in Los Angeles. The first treatment that I ever tried was NAD, which was horrendous, but helpful.

Then I tried Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) but even that was horrible. My body did not react well to it. 

When other patients talk to me about how they can’t even handle a vitamin bag I tell them, I was there, I had to tough it out. My eyes would start twitching when I would have these vitamins. I don’t know why, maybe my body was so depleted or destroyed. My body just couldn’t even accept anything at that point, but I just kept on chugging along.

I also tried peptide injections and red light therapy.

Those were my first treatments, which I did feel some improvement from. However, the clinics in Los Angeles were severely overpriced and it just felt like they were trying to get my money, not my health back.”

Then I Found AMA Regenerative Medicine

“I wanted a different feeling from the clinics I was going to. I was searching for a clinic that had similar treatments and I was looking for the EBOO. In Canada, we don’t have any treatments like these. We don’t have the EBOO, we don’t even have the 10 Pass Ozone. There are a few places in Canada that do them privately, but apparently, it’s not approved by our government.

I was looking for an integrative approach and a clinic that I felt comfortable at. I found AMA online. I spoke to some different people and they were also going to try AMA. AMA provided all the services I was looking for like EBOO, hyperbaric chamber and even if you were looking to trial stem cells. They had everything you could possibly need and when I came in for a consultation, I felt comfortable that you guys were going to take care of me.”

During the EBOO /F treatment “Ashley” had a massive amount of debris coming out of her venous blood. This debris is captured by the EBOO /F dialyzer (filter). Purified, ozone infused blood is then returned to the patient.

AMA’s Approach is Different than Other Clinics

“I drove all the way from Canada and spent a week in Southern California initially. I tried the EBOO and the hyperbaric chamber, a few different types of vitamin IV bags and Methylene Blue.

Then I couldn’t get enough of you guys. I kept driving back and forth all the way from Canada. This is my fifth trip or something like that.

Different treatments are circulating and the science is constantly evolving and you guys are always doing new research. You are really staying on top of the medicine and what treatments could possibly help us. Every time I come I look forward to hearing what’s new, what’s working, what you are trying and it really, really provides me with hope.”

Explore the photos below to get an in-depth view of the treatments that “Ashley” underwent.

My Advice to Other People with Post-Vaccine Syndrome

“What I tell every patient that I meet is “your healing is not linear”.  As a nurse, I would tell patients that before. I believed it, but I had never experienced it. Now that I’ve experienced this on my own health journey, it isn’t. It is not linear, you are all over the map.

You will sometimes get worse, way worse, before you get better. I think there’s a lot of fear. You try something and your symptoms get worse, did I just do something wrong? Did I shock my body? Was that not the right thing to do?

There’s always fear in trying new treatments because there’s always a risk to everything you do in life. Everyone responds differently to treatments all the time.

Even for myself, I had aggravation after the hyperbaric chamber. Some people find that extremely soothing and it calms them right down. For myself, I actually found that my twitching was aggravated by it.”

You Have to Keep on Going

“You have to ebb and flow with things. It doesn’t mean that you don’t try it again. It doesn’t mean that it wasn’t good for you. It just means that, that’s how your body reacted at that point. You need to feel when to push yourself and when to let your body rest.

Other patients that I speak with they get really concerned that they’re doing more harm than good. I tell them if I didn’t keep on consistently being dedicated to my treatments, I wouldn’t be here today, as healthy as I am.”
“Ashley” receiving a High Dose Ozone Therapy (HDOT) treatment, also known as the “10 Pass” device.

The Treatments ARE Working

“The treatments ARE working, but you have to stay on it. It’s not trying a few vitamin bags or one treatment and you think that you’re just going to miraculously get better.

There was a point where I did a bunch of treatments in September and October. Then in November, I felt like I got worse. I called and I spoke on the phone with Dr. Milgrom. I was having many conversations with him on the phone. I was very concerned. I started losing feeling in my legs and the right side of my arm. I never had that before.

I was very scared and thought that my symptoms were progressing. That’s when I started being concerned about developing a neurodegenerative disorder. I was having strange symptoms that I did not have before. This is what I mean  about your healing not being linear. I actually developed new symptoms and then got better.

That’s another thing that’s different about AMA, they want to talk to you. They want to know what you are experiencing. For them it’s part of the process of figuring all this out. It’s very comforting to know I can speak with a doctor, or a nurse, and they will walk me through and explain what is happening. Why I’m feeling this or that. Or come in and let’s give you this because your body needs it.”

You Have to be Dedicated to Your Healing

“It’s the dedication that you’re going to put into this. I have some friends that are not as well as I am and I think it’s because they haven’t been really dedicated to healing. I know it’s a lot of money and I know it’s a lot of work and it’s exhausting. But what else do you have if you don’t have your health?

You have to find a way to get the support that you need, to ask for financial help from family members.

I didn’t take any pharmaceuticals this entire time. I come from Western medicine, it’s not like I spent my life in homeopathy or all holistic approaches. I just realized that there was no point of adding benzos and adding all these other medications that are going to build up in my body. I felt like I needed to flush everything out.”

Explore the photos below to get an in-depth view of the treatments that “Ashley” received.

Walked Through the Fire to the Other Side

“I have always been a very happy person. Depression or anxiety do not run in my family. I don’t have any history of that. For me, to actually get to a point where I was having very scary thoughts, was shocking to me. I even told my friends this. I actually got to a point in November of 2021, where I thought, I may die. This is insane. It was so hard to wrap my mind around that. I never thought I would get to that point in my life.

My recovery experience after the treatments was gradual. November through December of 2021 were actually some low points for myself. They were tough months.

Healing was my full-time job. It is a full-time job. It does take dedication. I had to do that full-time for about six months or so of ups and downs. Then I started having these periods where I wasn’t feeling ill anymore. I started seeing and feeling the benefits. That’s when I knew it was working.”

Coming Out the Other Side

“By January of 2022, I started having long periods of time without being symptomatic. That’s when I started getting excited again for life. Whoa, I feel relief right now. I actually feel way better.

I was actually able to go to the gym and start living my life again. It just gives you a whole new perspective on life.

I felt so good that I went to Mexico. I was able to go to a different country, get on an airplane and not be seeking treatment for a period of time. I was able to give myself a break.

It made all of that effort, all of that work, all the money, tons of money. I had to come from Canada to the United States and pay the exchange rate. I had to pay more than anyone would in the U.S. just to get better.

It made all of that effort, all of that work, all the money, tons of money just to get better, but it’s more than worth it. I can’t imagine still being in my bed.

Words can’t even begin to describe how worth it, it was. None of that other stuff matters if you can’t even get out of your bed.

I can’t imagine still being stuck in my bed. There are people that are taking their lives over this and whose families have been completely destroyed over this.

So much happened, I hardly remember it. There were so many symptoms I can’t even remember all of them.  The thing is, I don’t want to forget them, because you know how easily, when you’re normal again, you forget, it doesn’t matter anymore. It does matter.

I’m back. I have energy, my brain, I’m sharp, my vocabulary’s back… I’m back!

I Am Recovered

“This is the level of recovered I am. I went to Vegas, barely slept, hardly ate, drinking every day, all day. I felt totally fine. Then I just drove over 20 hours to get here and I feel fine.

That’s what I’m saying, I am recovered.

Vegas was a test of my recovery. Having lights, noise, screaming, all this stuff, you know what I mean? Tons of sugar, airplanes’s late, stress and exhaustion. If you’re looking at it from that angle, your body is totally compensating, dealing with all that and working as it should work. All that and your symptoms aren’t acting up? Holy…

I’m back. I have energy, my brain is sharp, my vocabulary’s back… I’m back!

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