Lyme Disease

Angie – How I Finally Healed from Lyme Disease

(the following is a transcript of the full interview with Angie)

Hi my name is Angie. I’m a nurse from Scottsdale Arizona. I have been in nursing for about 25 years. About 20 years ago I started my own detox center and we help Lyme and cancer patients.

In 2015, after a trip to the Amazon, I contracted Lyme Disease. That triggered a series of events that forever changed my life.

My Lyme Disease Symptoms
The Lyme disease caused severe mycoplasma in my lungs. I could Barely Breathe!

The Lyme disease caused severe mycoplasma in my lungs. I could barely breathe!

When I returned I started noticing some very unusual symptoms. The first symptom of the Lyme Disease that I experienced was loss of balance and depth perception. I thought that was just something unusual that was happening. I was under a tremendous amount of stress at the time.

That proceeded with some endocrine issues. I had an ovarian cyst rupture mysteriously. The biofilm created by that cyst went into my cavity and I had to have surgery to remove all of that. I subsequently lost several internal organs because of that.

I had severe brain fog, excruciating pain in different parts of my body that would seem to move. The pain in my back felt as though someone had stabbed me with a hot pick. It started one day and as mysteriously as it started it never went away. I had neuropathy from my knee down. I had what felt like little tiny strings in my eyes. I could barely, barely see out of them and could barely breath because I had severe mycoplasma in my lungs.

I Tried Every Treatment Imaginable
I tried every possible Lyme disease protocol including laser therapy.

I tried every possible Lyme disease protocol including laser therapy.

I was one of the fortunate ones that started treatment for lyme disease right away. Most people spend 10, 11 years before anyone catches it. I was very, very fortunate. I knew the medical director at a renowned Lyme center. We ran a ton of tests. The only thing that came back positive was Lyme disease and all of its co-infections.

Let me tell you all of the things I did to chase this. I tried every protocol out there. I did insulin potentiation therapy. I ran through lots of different herbal protocols, RIFE machines, BIO feedbacks, acupuncture, cupping, therapeutic injections, 18 weeks of intravenous antibiotics, laser therapy, stem cell therapy, tons of oral antibiotics, oral supplements, we tried everything.

I went to a couple of centers in Scottsdale Arizona. I followed another world renowned physician up in Washington. I followed several German protocols. The therapies would work and I would get very excited. They would work for about 3 or 4 months and it seemed to be a pattern that I would crash again. I was noticing that with a lot of my friends as well that were in the same boat. We would get well and then 3 to 4 months later the symptoms would return.

I was Planning My Funeral…

After 200,000 dollars, and almost 2 years of fighting this I was planning my funeral and… Anyway, I have to stop that for second.

At the end of the 18 months I was emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially drained. I had no more furniture to sell. I had no more cars to sell and I had already mortgaged my home and my entire life savings was all gone.

One Last Treatment I Hadn’t Tried
I had never seen gunk like this in someone's blood. Let alone my own!

I had never seen gunk like this in someone’s blood. Let alone my own!

I was out of options and I had heard about a stem cell clinic down in Mexico that was getting really great results. I went down there and got stem cells, I had already had stem cells, but they were doing something that I had never done before. I had never seen this. They were doing another thing that I had not tried yet and that is what they called the blood cleaning. I borrowed some money and headed down to Mexico for 3 weeks.

The very first time we did the blood cleaning you could see the debris coming out of my blood. I know what blood looks like, I’m a nurse, I know what its supposed to look like. When I saw that gunk coming out I was so happy to see the stuff coming out but more importantly as soon as I was done I felt significantly better. I felt as though they had taken off 10 pounds of inflammation. I could breathe, I could take a deep breath. I instantly saw the inflammation in my legs and my ankles go down, it was incredible. That was the first sign of a lasting hope that I had. I felt amazing. Even after just one treatment.

I got of the table. I asked the doctor, I said what was that? That felt like the Popeye juice.

I Knew I was Truly Healing
I knew I was truly healing!

I knew I was truly healing!

They went ahead and they did that once a week. I did it 3 times. It was incredible. Each time it got better and better and better. My vision, my inflammation in my body, the neuropathy. Within 3 weeks the neuropathy was gone. I could feel everything, my body was circulating. When I say neuropathy, it was a weird feeling, it felt like my leg was asleep and I had tiny little poking but yet I couldn’t feel. Like little needle points but yet I couldn’t feel it. It was very bizarre. Because of that I fell. I actually broke my ankle because I couldn’t feel my foot land on the ground. So to be able to walk on the beach was absolutely a dream for me. I knew there was something different, I had changed, there was something significantly different in my body. My body was functioning. I knew at that point that I was truly healing.

I came home, I opened my business back up 100%. I brought all my staff back on. It was absolutely unbelievable. My friends ask “How do you feel? Do you feel better than before you got sick?” No. I feel 20 years younger is what I feel.

I have energy. Now I’m back to Yoga, hiking and just really living my life.

My body has been able to recover 1000%. It was nothing short of a miracle.

Randy – Ozone Therapy Relieved Me of the Symptoms of Lyme Disease

(the following is a transcript of the full interview with Randy)

My name is Randy. I contracted Lyme disease about 2 to 3 years ago now.

Prior to the Lyme I felt like I had arrived, felt like I had everything I wanted and then all of a sudden… I was mountain biking and picked up a tick and contracted Lyme and I’ve been suffering with the symptoms ever since.

How I Got Relief from the Symptoms

I’ve done a lot of reading and found out that I could get relief and help kill spirochetes with the use of ozone. I’ve been coming to AMA to get ozone therapy treatments with this 10 pass ozone machine and it’s been very helpful. I particularly believe in the 10 pass ozone machine because so much ozone is being delivered to my body. I haven’t found anywhere else that has this machine and I’m a firm believer in ozone and its healing properties.

The ozone has been very helpful, very helpful, in the reduction of the Lyme disease symptoms that I have. My symptoms are fatigue, neuropathy in my left leg and particularly brain fog which is probably the worst of the symptoms. That’s been reduced. The symptoms in my leg have been reduced.

I’ve Tried Everything Imaginable
Since the ozone treatments I've been able to go back to mountain biking.

Since the ozone treatments I’ve been able to go back to mountain biking.

I’ve tried probably every imaginable healing modality, I mean, every treatment for Lyme disease there is. I believe in ozone because at the end of the day it reduces my symptoms. And particularly brain fog which is probably the worst of the symptoms. I feel like I’m in a fog quite often, hence the term. That’s been reduced. The symptoms in my leg have been reduced.

I feel like I have definitely better energy. The treatment has allowed me to back to some of the things I was doing prior to the Lyme. I’m back on my mountain bike. I’m riding it again. I water skied last weekend. I haven’t done that in a long time. I’m doing things that I wasn’t able to do prior to getting the treatments with the ozone. I can see that the ozone therapy is making a difference and I am working towards healing. I’m working towards curing my Lyme disease.

I’m a Firm Believer in Ozone

I trust this ozone treatment for my Lyme disease. I drive an hour and a half driving from San Diego so I can get treated here. I like being treated here. AMA Regenerative Medicine has done a great job for me. I have a good time when I am here and I believe in the process. I’m a firm believer in ozone and it’s healing properties.

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